→ New exhibition – UMBRUCH / Upheaval

March 27, 2018

fontaine b. presenting Lucio Fontana and Hermann Nitsch  

April 20th-22nd, 2018

Once more fontaine b. is delighted to collaborate with Freehome – Artist to Artist, Maria and Vadim Zakharov’s space in order to bring out a sublime exhibition triggered by the new project, a hand drawn A Weekly Planner & Artist Book Celebrating Frankenstein’s Bicentennial conceived by Maya Attoun. Serving as a pillar, as well as a seed to the show, the delicate artwork comprises a carefully designed algorithm, a grid of concrete numbers, lines, letters alongside organic yet scientific anatomical, biological drawings. 

On this occasion, fontaine b. is presenting works by two acclaimed masters of Art: Lucio Fontana and Hermann Nitsch, both works standing on the opposite spectrum of the Ubmruch meaning; Fontana’s copper plate etching is revealing deep Upheaval, while Nitsch’s casket uncovers a diligent documentation of The Orgies Mysteries Theater. 

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