→ New partnership with Museum für Druckgrafik // Edition Markus Gell

February 27, 2018
We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Museum für Druckgrafik // Edition Markus Gell. 
With this collaboration we acquired printed works by Herbert Albrecht, Gottfried Bechtold, Tone Fink and Chiharu Shiota. 

The Museum für Druckgrafik (Museum of Print Graphics) in Rankweil was opened in 2004. The aim of the museum is to give the visitor an insight into a fully functioning printing workshop. At the same time, the visitor is informed about the different techniques of the printmaking.  This is intended to build a deeper understanding of the original artwork for a broad audience. 

Markus Gell Edition is working with renowned artists, accompanying them through the different phases of their prints and photogravures creation, thus enhancing his portfolio of limited edition prints, which compose his collection and which are also presented at art fairs and exhibitions.