fontaine b. is a source of (trans)avant-garde editions and rare artworks for dealing, curation, exhibition and private collections. The company aims to promote, support and reevaluate some of the most representative contemporary art tendencies of the last decades. Sourcing, selecting and presenting a collection of multiples, rare editions and unique pieces, fontaine b. offers the opportunity to discover and acquire pieces  from a closely curated selection of previously undisclosed works realised by masters and renowned artists.

Specialised in Arte Povera, Dada, Fluxus, Gutai Group and Viennese Actionism, fontaine b. set its mission on enhancing the awareness about important contemporary artworks, which complete the major production of our artists. Through a choice of selected editions and unique pieces such as studies, drawings and multiples with artist’s intervention, a heritage of rarities and limited editions is, presently, accessible to private collectors and investors.
The full spectrum of the available collection consists of works of important historical value as well as high investment potential. Counselling and art advisory services are provided throughout the entire process of acquisition. 
Furthermore, fontaine b. is a dynamic entity, which curates and organises exhibitions across European capitals, thus offering the possibility to get to know, appreciate and acquire artworks coming from our partnering archives and foundations located in Europe, the Americas and Asia.