The state of flux of the movable content – Henrik Strömberg in reference to Man Ray

Written by Chiara Valci Mazzara

Henrik Strömberg’s work starts with the quest for a new signifier: interlacing sources, re-assembling and re-evaluating objects (trouvé) he acts on the form while changing the content.The medium of photography and the system of connections between the represented subject and the final result is only the beginning of a journey.By performing his usual ritual, opening […]
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Written by Luca Gioacchiono di Bernardo

Intuition is a kind of direct, immediate thought, which doesn’t come to terms with the inner workings of cognition: simply it’s there, it becomes apparent and it looks at us.Similarly, void, the sense of nothingness, suddenly jumps into our lives leaving us, every time, a new means of interpretation of things which, by the way, […]
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